Rebecca Tipton

Selected publications


Tipton, R. and O. Furmanek (2016) Dialogue Interpreting: A guide to interpreting in public services and the community, London and New York: Routledge.

Co-edited publications

Valero-Garcés, C. and R. Tipton (eds) (2017) Ideology, Ethics and Policy Development in Public Service Interpreting and Translation, Bristol, Blue Ridge Summit: Multilingual Matters.

Drugan, J. and R. Tipton (eds) (2017) Guest editors of a Special Issue of The Translator on Translation, Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Journal Articles

Tipton, R. (2018) ‘Translating/ed Selves and Voices: Language Support Provisions for Victims of Domestic Violence in a British Third Sector Organization’. Translation and Interpreting Studies 13(2): 163-184.

Tipton, R. (2018) ‘Interpreters as Technologies of Care and Control? Language Support for Refugees in Britain Following the 1956 Hungarian Uprising’. Interpreting: International Journal of Research and Practice in Interpreting 20(2): 259-284.

Tipton, R. (2017a) ‘Contracts and Capabilities: Public Service Interpreting and Third Sector Domestic Violence Services’. The Translator (Special Issue on Translation, Ethics and Social Responsibility). DOI 10.1080/13556509.2017.1280875.

Tipton, R. (2017b) ‘Interpreting-as-Conflict: PSIT in Third Sector Organisations and the Impact of Third Way Politics’. In Ideology, Ethics and Policy Development in Public Service Interpreting and Translationed. by C. Valero-Garcés and R. Tipton, 38-62. Bristol, Blue Ridge Summit: Multilingual Matters.

Tipton, R. (2017c) ‘You are foreign, you are nothing in this country’: Managing risk in interpreter-mediated police interviews with victims of domestic abuse’. In Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses, 75: 119-138. Special Issue on Practices in Intercultural Mediation: PSI in Perspective (eds C. Toledano Buendía and M. Arumi Martín).

Tipton, R. (2014) ‘Perceptions of the ‘Occupational Other’: Interpreters, Social Workers and Intercultures’. British Journal of Social Work. DOI: 10.1093/bjsw/bcu136.

Peter Gatrell

Selected Publications


Gatrell, P. (2013) The Making of the Modern Refugee, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Gatrell, P. (2011) Free World? The Campaign to Save the World’s Refugees, 1956-1963, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Co-edited Books

Gatrell, P. and L. Zhvanko (eds) (2017) Europe on the Move: Refugees in the Era of the Great War, 1912-1923, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Gatrell, P. and N. P. Baron (eds) (2009) Warlands: Population Resettlement and State Reconstruction in the Soviet-East European Borderlands, 1945-1950, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Journal Articles

Gatrell, P. (2017) ‘War, refugeedom, revolution: understanding Russia’s refugee crisis, 1914-1917’. Cahiers du monde russe 58(1-2): 1-23.

Gatrell, P. (2017) ‘Refugees – what’s wrong with history?’. Journal of Refugee Studies 30(2): 170-89.   

Gatrell, P. (2016) ‘The world-wide web of humanitarianism: NGOs and population displacement in the third quarter of the 20th century’. European Review of History 23(1-2): 101-15.

Gatrell, P. (2013) ‘Putting refugees in their place: rewriting the history of the international legal refugee regime, 1945-1960’. New Global Studies, 7(1): 1-24.

Annabelle Wilkins

Selected Publications


Wilkins, A. (2019) Migration, Work and Home-Making in the City: Dwelling and Belonging among Vietnamese Communities in London, London: Routledge.

Journal Articles

Wilkins, A. (2018) ‘The ethics of collaboration with museums: researching, archiving and displaying home and migration’. Area 50(3) 418-425.

Wilkins, A. (2017) ‘Gender, migration and intimate geopolitics: shifting senses of home among women on the Myanmar-Thailand border’. Gender, Place and Culture 24(11) 1549-1568.

Chapter in edited collection

Sheringham, O. and Wilkins, A. (2018) ‘Transnational religion and everyday lives: spaces of spirituality among Brazilian and Vietnamese migrants in London’. In N. Bartolini, S. MacKian and S. Pile (eds.) Geographies of Spirituality. London: Routledge.

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